Our Dynamic Team

S.K. Choudhary

MTech from IIT Kanpur, 4+years Teach. Exp.(Gate only)

M. Vishwakarma

MTech from IIT Kanpur, 3+years Teaching Experience(Gate only)

A. Subramaniam

MTech from IIT Madras, 6+years Teaching Experience(Gate+ESE+PSU only)

V. Jain

MTech from IIT Bombay, 10+years Teaching Experience(Gate+ESE+PSU only)

K. Saini

MTech from IIT Roorkee, 4+years Teaching Experience(Gate+ESE+PSU only)

K. Banerjee

MTech from IIT Kharagpur, 5+years Teaching Experience(Gate+ESE+PSU only)

C. Parsoya

MTech from IIT Bombay, 2+years Teaching Experience(Gate only)

M. Saini

MTech from IIT Bombay, 3+years Teaching Experience(Gate only)

J. Nayar

MTech from IIT Kanpur, 4+years Teaching Experience(Gate+ESE+PSU only)

These are the people behind Make Basic. If you want to see your face in this grid,please mail your resume at career[at the rate]makebasic.in