How to prepare for Scientific Assistant SSC-IMD exam?

There is no shortcut method to prepare for ssc-imd. The following strategy you need to make to crack the scientific assistant exam:
1. Understand the whole syllabus of ssc imd
2. Understand the scientific exam pattern
3. In scientific assistant there will be two part.
a. Part1 will contain the aptitude section which contains logical reasoning, English, general awareness, quant. Part1 is easy part
b. Part2 will contain the technical part which will be your deciding part in exam
4. Get all the notes of technical subjects(you can refer Make Basic classroom notes of students or any other resources which is easily available for you)
5. Go through them that will be sufficient enough
6. Do more practice by questions.
7. For aptitude solve all previous year question paper of SSC
8. For technical part refer the Make Basic SSC IMD Test Series
All the best