What books should one buy for clearing GATE CS 2018?

you have to buy Separate books for each and every subjects to understand it completely. Some times, you may need 2–3 books for a single subjects. Lets go subject by subjects, I will suggest two types of Books, “necessary” as well as “Good to have” books.

I: Digital Electronics

  1. DIGITAL LOGIC & COMPUTER DESIGN-1st Edition ( M. Morris Mano) [Necessary]
  2. Fundamentals of Digital Circuits (A. Anand Kumar) [Good to have]

Note: Mano is sometimes difficult to understand. If you are reading from Mano, then you have to read line by line, to understand it fully. He puts very less number of headings. But the content is awesome.

Anand Kumar is easy to understand. It is so easy that a 10th pass can be able to understand it fully.

II: Computer Architecture and Organization

  1. Computer Organization ( Carl Hamacher et all ) [Necessary]
  2. Computer System Architecture (M. Morris Mano) [Good to have]
  3. Computer Organization and Architecture (William Stalling) [Good to have]

Note: Carl Hamacher will suffices the need, but you can have Morris Mano. Carl Hamacher is easy to understand and having good numerical problems too. William Stalling is also having good numerical (Both Book’s pdf and its numerical’s solution is freely available on internet, just hit a google search).

III: Programming

  1. The C Programming (Dennis Richie et all) [Necessary]
  2. The ANSI C (Balaguruswamy) [Good to Have]

Note: The Richie book is good and sufficient, but for a beginner, it may be difficult. Hence Its good to have Balaguruswamy book. Do not read Let Us C.

IV: Data Structure

  1. The Classical Data Structure 2nd Edition ( Debasis Samanta ) [Necessary and Sufficient]

Note: Samantha’s book is a master book for Data structure. Its an absolute Gem. Must read for all the GATE aspirants.

V: Algorithm

  1. Introduction to Algorithm (Cormen el all) [Necessary]
  2. The Fundamental of Algorithm (Horowitz-Sahani) [Good to have]

Note: Introduction to Algorithm is more than enough for GATE, but its complicated to understand, Hence you may need Sahani. But Cormen is a must have.

VI: Theory of Computation

  1. Introduction-Formal-Languages-Automata (Peter Linz) [Necessary and Sufficient]

Note: If you have Linz, then you do not need anything else. Its perfect.

VII: Computer Networks

  1. Computer Networks (Kuros and Ross) [Necessary and Sufficient]

Note: Kuros is more than enough.

VIII: Operating System

  1. Operating System (Galvin et all) [Necessary and Sufficient]

Note: Galvin is the best classical book, which one can have for OS. Try to find 5th Edition of the Galvin’s OS. That’s Best.

IX: Database Management System

  1. Database System Concepts (Korth et all) [Necessary]
  2. Database Management System (Raghuram Krishnan el all) [good to have]

Note: Korth is more than enough for GATE, but Raghu’s book has best SQL ever. So I recommend that too.

X: Compiler Design

  1. Compilers : Principles, Techniques, & Tools 2nd Edition ( Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi, D. Jeffrey Ulman, Monica S. Lam ) [Necessary and Sufficient]

XI: Mathematics

  1. Discrete Mathematics: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Keneth Rosen
  2. Probability: A First course in Probability by Sheldon Ross
  3. Graph Theory: Graph Theory by Narsingh Dev
  4. Liner Algebra: Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal
  5. Calculus : Higher Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal